Justice Department Serves as the SBC’s Pontius Pilate: ‘What Crime Have They Committed?’

(David Morrill – Protestia) In yet another rebuke to the so-called #SBCToo movement, the United States Department of Justice has reportedly closed a 2022 probe into Southern Baptist Convention leaders’ criminal responsibility for mishandling abuse allegations. The investigation resulted in no charges.

As reported by the Tennessean, the DOJ opened up the investigation in the wake of a Guidepost Solutions investigation commissioned by 2021’s Sex Abuse Task Force and the Guidepost report published prior to the 2022 Annual Meeting….

The report was largely a dud, spending a good portion of its nearly 500 pages outlining the bizarre emotional affair between Jennifer Lyell and David Sills and the compromised and inappropriate kiss between Johnny Hunt and a young pastor’s wife – both sinful situations but neither meeting the threshold for sexual abuse. View article →


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