Charismatic Heavy Hitters Issue Statement Against Mike Bickle, Declare Him Permanently ‘Disqualified’

“Empathizing with Bickle’s victims and those affected by his wicked wandering, they lament that “this is a spiritual tragedy of international proportions, affecting millions of believers worldwide and bringing great dishonor to the name of Jesus as well as a disgrace to the reputation of the Spirit,” rendering their final judgment.”

(Protestia) Eight charismatic heavy hitters, led by Michael Brown, have issued a joint statement against Mike Bickle and IHOPKC, declaring him permanently disqualified from ministry and describing his organization as having ‘cult-like tendencies’: vindicating [discernment ministries] again.

In a post on the Line of Fire, Michael Brown, Jack Deere, Dan Juster, Patricia King, Joseph Mattera, Sam Storms, Michael Sullivant, Terri Sullivant share that while many of them have been trying to call an “independent judicial council to hear all the evidence and responses and then render a decision” about Bickle, because this has not happened, a statement is now in order. They write:

  1. We have reviewed the testimony of Jane Doe and found it to be credible. IHOPKC has also admitted to its validity… View article →


CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to keep an eye on. Scroll down to WARNING. The list contains many people you’ll want to mark and avoid as per Rom 16:17-18 such as Mike Bickle and Michael Brown.

Research: Discernment – Updated. Includes a warning/wolves list.


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