Fake Conservative Commentator David French Urges Republicans to Vote for Biden

“To put it simply, French tells Christians not to believe their own eyes and ears, and especially not to harken to the angry and vitriolic State of the Union speech a few days ago where Biden recommitted his…abortion policies to restore abortion up to birth across the land.”

(Protestia) David French, who we like to unaffectionately call ‘The State’s Fool”, is a self-proclaimed “conservative” Christian commentator who can always be counted on to give the worst take possible on any situation, including the whim of whatever demon is whispering into his ear at any given moment.

This is especially true in a recent NYT Op-ed, Why Haley Voters Should Support Biden, where he argues, “A second Biden term would be a better fit for Reagan Republicans (and Haley supporters) than Round 2 of Trump.” View article →



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