John Piper Says Our Love for Jesus is ‘Erotic to the Core’

“The question that I continue to see popping up around the Shepherd’s Conference and other conferences is “why is John Piper even there?” It is a good question, indeed. It’s like Tim Keller—he is elevated to the status of “great thinker” and “superb theologian” when, in reality, so much of what they say is reduced to mere sophistry and casuistry.” 

(The Dissenter) You may remember last year when The Dissenter published an article denouncing the deeply erotic and nearly pornographic nature in which a TGC author, Joshua Butler, described Christ’s relationship to the Church….

While his description was extremely graphic, comparing Christ’s relationship to the Church with a graphical description of a man’s sexual relationship with his wife, the root issue is a distinct misinterpretation of the kind of love that differentiates the two scenarios.  View article →



John Piper


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