Did Jesus Have a Fallen Human Nature?

Several months ago I was asked to begin work on a new book, a commentary on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. The reasons I have not completed that work are many, but primarily I am very intimidated by the work itself. I loved working on the manuscript for my book Complete in Christ, which was a commentary on the Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians, however, Romans is an entirely different project. I’ve been a Bible teacher for decades and I could not count how often I have gone to Romans for source material for doctrinal answers. Also, when God saved me and I got my first Study Bible right after that, I began reading the New Testament. I could not put it down. However, when I came to Romans I found the answers to most of my questions about doctrine. I love this Epistle.

Last night in our Small Group we were discussing the doctrine of the Gospel. No one had issues with our Justification by Faith alone through Grace alone. The questions began flying around when we came to the doctrine of Imputation. Sound familiar? I input some answers here and there about Christ’s perfect righteousness being imputed to our account at our Justification while our unrighteousness had been imputed to Christ on the Cross so in His death He paid the price for all our sin. This made it possible for us to have His righteousness to be imputed to our account. I sat back thinking that that was the end of the matter, but one fellow kept questioning that saying that he believed Jesus had a sin nature just like ours. I was not ready for that. I had not been prepared to answer something like that so my response was that Jesus was not of the seed of Adam. He did not buy it. I did some research this afternoon about this. I hope this helps those who have issues with this. The passage that causes people to believe Jesus may have had a sin nature like our’s  is Romans 8:3. Here is Romans 8:1-8 so you can read it in context. I will put the Greek below it then translate it. View article →