UK Bans Harmful Puberty Blockers for Kids

“Doctors and politicians have already called on America to follow England’s lead on banning puberty blockers…Sen. Roger Marshall, a physician, said, “[L]et my message to America and the radical gender ideologues be clear: Wake up.”

(Catherine Salgado – PJ Media) In a victory for sanity, the United Kingdom has reportedly banned damaging puberty blockers for kids.

England’s National Health Service (NHS) has banned puberty blockers for “transgender” identifying children, according to Breitbart. Back in 2022, research highlighted the potentially severe long-term side effects of puberty blockers, which are prescribed to some children who identify as “transgender.” The NHS’s decision is good news, helping ensure that kids can grow up normal and healthy.

There is evidence that up to four in five children who claim to be “transgender” will grow out of it naturally. What there is not good evidence for is the safety and clinical effectiveness of puberty blockers for children, which is why the UK banned them. The government supported NHS’s “landmark decision,” the outlet added, agreeing it is in the “best interests of children.” After the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) reviewed puberty blockers, NHS issued the ban. View article →


Research: Homosexual – LGBTQ Agenda


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