From Aaron Rodgers to ‘Bloodbath’ – Media Hoax Season Begins!

(John Nolte – Breitbart) With former President Donald Trump polling as well as he ever has — as well as any Republican presidential candidate has in 20 years, the corporate media are staring into an abyss called Irrelevance and firing off one desperate hoax after another in the hopes of salvaging His Fraudulency Joe Biden and their own sense of self. If, after everything they have thrown at him, Trump wins reelection, they won’t be able to get out of bed.

The corporate media plan is no secret. We know because the plan has been made public by the Democrat party, and since the corporate media and the Democrat party are one, we know the plan is this…

1) destroy third-party candidates, and 2) keep the spotlight on Trump so the election becomes a referendum on him and not Biden’s catastrophic presidency — not Afghanistan, inflation, energy prices, or eight million illegal aliens invading our country.

There’s just one problem: the media can’t do that honestly. Trump is exhibiting more restraint on the campaign trail, which gives the media fewer opportunities to lose their ever-loving minds over something he might have actually said. And… View article →



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