When Does Life Begin and Does It Really Matter?

“As we delve deeper into the historical and scientific journey that brings us to our current understanding, it is essential to recognize the underlying motives that fuel this debate.”

(The Dissenter) In the endless tussle between the convictions of Christianity and the assertions of science, the debate over when life begins stands as a colossal testament to our society’s moral and ethical crossroads. This discourse, rooted deeply in both scientific inquiry and biblical revelation, challenges us to reconcile our understanding of life’s inception with our deepest-held beliefs.

At the heart of this debate lies a simple but unsettling reality—the ongoing denial of the biblical perspective on life’s beginning is driven by a singular, contentious aim. And that aim is to justify the practice of abortion. This deliberate obfuscation not only muddies the waters of ethical discourse but also serves as a linchpin for arguments that seek to devalue the sanctity of life at its most vulnerable stage. View article →



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