Al Mohler Changes Position On Abortion

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Al Mohler has been around for a long time in the Southern Baptist Convention and has had a tremendous impact on how the SBC got to where it is today. For better or worse, Al Mohler has had many position changes in his career relating to liberalism, feminism, homosexuality, and a stated position on Critical Race Theory. However, recently Al Mohler has changed his stance on abortion and whether a woman is morally and should be criminally culpable for it.

In April 2016, likely in response to comments made by presidential candidate Donald Trump, Al Mohler came out against the idea of criminal liability for women who murder their unborn, stating that the pro-life movement has never advocated for it. He further went on to blame men as he peddled the “second victim” narrative. View article →


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