SBC Women’s Conference Speaker Appears in Promo Video With Transgenders Promoting LGBTQ Ideology in the Church

“This represents the usual attempt to downplay the sinfulness of same-sex marriage by redefining it as a Christian ordinance rather than a Creation ordinance. It suggests that God’s teachings on marriage are only applicable within the realm of Christianity.”

(The Dissenter) Rachel Gilson, a self-described same-sex attracted woman who spoke at the Southern Baptist Convention’s women’s conference in 2023 has now appeared in a promo video released by Preston Sprinkle’s Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender….

The video portrays God as perfectly accepting of homosexual and transgender lifestyles devoid of any true repentance. In the video appear multiple homosexuals, lesbians, and “transgender” people who argue that one should be able to live out who they really are, including rebelling against who God created them to be, and feel welcomed and accepted in the Church. View article →



A Culture of Unholy Christians by Marsha West


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