Tulsi Tells Tucker Who She Thinks Is Running the White House

(Mary Dowling) Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama portrayed former Rep. from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard as a traitor and a Putin puppet after she risked her life in service of her country. Tulsi bucked them on war. She addressed that with Tucker Carlson during a recent interview.

“I had the audacity to go against them to challenge the elite of the Democratic Party,” Tulsi said, “which is Hillary Clinton, and it’s Barack Obama, and it’s the people who surround them, in the military-industrial complex, in the media-industrial complex, those who are pushing and it’s not limited the Democratic Party, of course.

“Oh, Mitt Romney also called me a treasonous person who is a Russian asset or something along those lines. So, you know, they are all part of this permanent Washington elite who cannot allow those who challenge them to go unscathed because their whole existence is based around that. It’s a base. It’s based around power and where they get their power from.”

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