Lecrae Recounts Attending Parties Where Sex Orgies Broke Out at 1:00AM

(Protestia) With famous rap Mogul ‘Diddy’ in the news for throwing wild sex parties, deconstructed rap artist Lecrae has weighed in with his experiences being around this sort of activity.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Lecrae details how he would occasionally (regularly?) attend celebrity parties with artists like “Diddy,” where orgies and sex parties would take place, detailing a couple of encounters.

In particular, he notes one incident where he was warned that he should leave around one in the morning but says he refused when his ‘pride kicked in’ because he wasn’t some ‘little church boy’ and believed he could handle himself around some wild behavior:

What I will say is that one particular party, lots of big names, there was an artist there who said, ‘Hey, Lecrae, around one A.M make sure you’re not here.’ And I was like, ‘what?’ ‘You just don’t wanna be here at one in the morning.’  View article →


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