Marxism: It’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things — Like an Education

(Kevin Downey JR – PJ Media) Remember when working hard and working smart was a ticket to the top? Well, apparently, in the world of the communists, meritocracy is somehow “racist.”

Marxism has reared its ugly mug again in the United States and — no surprise — it is happening once again where it hurts most: our schools.

FACT-O-RAMA! Karl Marx was a draft-dodging sluggard. His excessive drinking and smoking, as well as his late-night jollifications and poor diet, resulted in a so-called “weak chest,” which kept him from serving in the military….

Later in his life, Marx relied financially on his wealthy textile magnate friend Friedrich Engels for money to support Marx’s family, all while promoting an idea that could topple Engels’ business empire. In short, Marx was neither a wealthy member of the “bourgeoisie,” which he abhorred, (though he relied on one for money), nor was he a working class “proletariat” type whom he claimed to champion. Karl Marx was a narcissistic, overweight, alcoholic loser who couldn’t support his own family.

The Seattle Public School district has decided to bulldoze its program for “gifted” pupils due to a bumper crop of those pesky white and Asian students occupying too many desks. View article →


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