A Biblical Response to ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

“Transgender ideology may be the most blatant attack on the deity of God in our culture. It usurps the place of God and arrogates it to people, deceiving and deluding them into thinking they are gods who can determine their own gender – and yet it ends up destroying them. God also expects people to live according to the gender He assigns. It is a violation of God’s law to live according to a gender God did not assign….”

(Robb Brunansky – The Cripplegate) Last month, President Joe Biden issued a Proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility, setting the date for Easter Sunday. The announcement was immediately met with overwhelming cheers on the political left and a crescendo of outrage on the political right.

The issue that we have as Christians with a national push to normalize and celebrate transgenderism is not that this specific proclamation was released on a religious holiday, wicked as that is, but that it is the continuation of a blatant and blasphemous attack on the Word of God. This evil presidential proclamation represents the predominant thinking of society, that no sexual desires are right or wrong. The world is in lock step agreement that no sexual identity, no gender identity, and no gender expression is to be preferred over another – all are equally loving and acceptable ways to live. View article →



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