Biden Just Handed Hamas a Huge Win

“On Capitol Hill, Biden is being blasted by lawmakers for the dangerous decision — which is obviously being made to appease Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib in Michigan.” 

(Katie Pavlich – Townhall) During an interview with CNN Wednesday night, President Joe Biden reversed longstanding U.S. policy and declared he will stop precision weapons shipments to Israel should the Israeli Defense Forces head deeper into Rafah.

Given there are approximately 8000 Hamas terrorists in Rafah, where hostages are also reportedly being held, the declaration allows Hamas to stay alive and forces Israel to lose the war — a final stronghold for the Iranian backed terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip.

“Biden has now said expressly that he will cut off weapons to Israel if Israel invades Rafah. Let’s be brutally clear here — Israel cannot defeat Hamas without entering Rafah, where Hamas maintains four fully functioning battalions. Biden is siding with Hamas over Israel — there’s no other way to say it.”… View article →



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