Columbia Students Will Reap the Consequences

“If you want to improve your kid’s chances of getting into an elite university — and you can afford it — it certainly doesn’t hurt to start donating major cash to the school as early as possible. But some wealthy Jewish families who have done just that at schools like Harvard and Columbia, sometimes beginning when their children were in first grade, are now writing it off as a loss.”

(Emmy Griffin – The Patriot Post) Columbia University has been front and center for the spate of pro-Hamas protests that have swept across several so-called “higher education” campuses in recent weeks. Columbia’s protests have been the most visible and some of the most vicious. Some students, faculty, and outside activists there have used anti-Jew rhetoric, and some have even assaulted Jewish students or blocked them from attending classes. An especially violent contingent broke into Hamilton Hall and locked authorities out.

These violent protesters have been so disruptive that their fellow students are fearful of attending classes. Furthermore, the university decided to cancel the main graduation ceremony instead of censuring and firing the faculty participating in the protests, expelling the agitating students (who have been given multiple chances to disperse), and evicting the non-school-affiliated activists. The campus has become lawless, and this contingent of fools has not only ruined the end of the year for graduating seniors but has earned Columbia University — along with Harvard, UPenn, and other schools that have allowed this madness to take away from the academics — a blacklisting. View article →


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