Multiculturalism is Ideological Diversity, a Schismatic Heresy That Dooms Churches to Failure

“Disturbingly, this secular influence can be seen in the teachings of popular figures within the Christian community. Among the proponents of this doctrine of multiculturalism are David Platt, Matt Chandler, Tim Keller, JD Greear, Mark Dever, Russell Moore, Beth Moore…”

(Dissenter) In this age of moral relativism, where every wind of doctrine is blowing and the foundations of biblical truth are being vigorously attacked, the Church of God cannot afford to shrink back. The Word of God, unadulterated and absolute, stands as our guide and the voice of the Holy Spirit as our counselor in these turbulent times. The clarion call to holiness and unity in the body of Christ, grounded firmly in the Word of God, should be louder than ever.

We live in a society infatuated with the notion of “multiculturalism.” On its face, it presents a veneer of respect, peace, and inclusivity, suggesting the harmonious amalgamation of various cultures into one coherent society. While the idea seems inherently noble, the harsh reality is that it more often than not precipitates disunity rather than the unity it purports to promote. The inevitable friction caused by differing belief systems, languages, and cultural standards weakens the societal structure, causing disarray and discord. View article →



Is the ‘Christian Right’ doing the right thing in God’s eyes? by Marsha West



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