Highest Taxes in US History in 5 Months – Especially If You’re White

“They further recommend that the tax code be rewritten to raise taxes on white people. This would be an underhanded way for the government to take money from one racial group and give it to another. This is horrible, and this paper should have no place in government.”

(Mary Dowling) You have to watch the video to truly understand how horrific the upcoming taxes will be for the middle class, not billionaires. White people will pay more because they are white, and investment will dry up. If you’re retired, an heir, or an investor, you’re damned….

The economy will be completely destroyed. I provided a summary, but the video is much better.

In only five months, we will see the largest tax hike for the middle class in U.S. history. When Biden released the budget proposal, he made a long statement about the benefits and, in another section, discussed the new billionaire tax. View article →



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