Jason Whitlock Defends Inviting Glenn Beck To Christian Men’s Conference

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Jason Whitlock is a Christian podcaster at Blaze TV, the host of the show Fearless. He actively wears his faith on his sleeve and acknowledges his previous sinful lifestyle. Last year he hosted his first ever Roll Call, a Christian men’s conference. However, this year, the conference is controversial due to its inclusion of Glenn Beck as a headline speaker. Voddie Baucham is also a headliner at the conference.

Protestia wrote last week urging the Christian speakers to drop out of the conference.

So long as Glenn Beck is speaking, we would implore John and Voddie to back out immediately, as no one should be going to this conference. In fact, even if Beck backs out, the fact that conference organizers invited him in the first place demonstrates they don’t understand the gospel, and we would not trust them to convey any spiritual truth worth knowing.  View article →



Is the ‘Christian Right’ doing the right thing in God’s eyes?


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