Beth Moore Joining ‘Volf’ in Sheep’s Clothing for Painters, Prophets, Poets Conference

“Volf [is a] progressive thinker who argued in 2016 that all Christians should vote for Hillary Clinton, as her worldview was more in line with Christian principles and beliefs than Donald Trump. He has strenuously argued that Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship the same God…”

(Protestia) Beth Moore continues her bad choices tour, joining noted Episcopal Priest Miroslav Volf for the Painters, Prophets, Poets Conference, a three-day affair in October where “all are invited into the work of envisioning and promoting Christ’s work of remaking the world in their own particular places, in their own particular ways.”

According to the promo material, the conference is “intentionally multi-disciplinary, bringing a diverse set of voices into the conversation around our shared pursuit of New Creation.” They insist that “Not only do such conversations foster individual growth, they allow for synergy and partnership across denominational, class, vocational, and political lines.” View article →


Research: Progressive (Social Justice) ‘Christianity’

CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to keep an eye on. Scroll down to WARNING. The list contains many people you’ll want to mark and avoid as per Rom 16:17-18 such as Beth Moore.


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