Contemporary Worship is a Breeding Ground for Idolatry and False Worship, Leading to Judgment

(The Dissenter) The Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) industry is a modern-day embodiment of false worship and idolatry—mooching off the name of Christ to launch careers, only to end up apostatizing, blaspheming Him, and supporting the very things God abhors, like homosexuality, abortion, and more. This industry is a prime example of how worship can become a shallow veneer—think of a gold-plated apple that’s rotten to the core—masking a reality of self-indulgence and rebellion against God’s holiness.

It’s undeniable from Scripture that God despises false worship. The CCM industry is littered with “worship artists” who start out professing the name of Christ, only to later reject Him in favor of worldly acclaim. These artists—whether it be HillsongElevationJars of ClayCaedmon’s CallLecrae, or DC Talk—use Christianity to gain popularity, only to turn their backs on the God they once claimed to worship. This is nothing short of spiritual adultery. View article →


Research: Discernment

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