The Wall Street Journal: Biden ‘Slipping’

When President Biden met with congressional leaders in the West Wing in January to negotiate a Ukraine funding deal, he spoke so softly at times that some participants struggled to hear him, according to five people familiar with the meeting. He read from notes to make obvious points, paused for extended periods and sometimes closed his eyes for so long that some in the room wondered whether he had tuned out.” — The Wall Street Journal

(Sandy Fitzgerald – Newsmax) President Joe Biden’s mental acuity and advancing age concerns are becoming more of a problem behind closed doors, where lawmakers who have met with him for negotiations, including on Ukraine funding and policy changes, say the politician who once held a reputation for his mastery in negotiating legislative deals is slipping as the months and years go by.

An extensive article in The Wall Street on Wednesday relied on reports from 45 sources, including those who were at the meetings and others who were briefed, with many, particularly Republicans, describing Biden as a commander-in-chief whose command of issues, history, and insights is declining. View article →


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