How (and How Not) to Wait

“Biblical waiting involves embracing that you’re not in control, but you can talk to the one who is. You don’t know what’s going on, so you seek the one who does.”

(Mark Vroegop) Do you know anyone who likes to wait? I don’t.

If you were to take a quick survey, there’d be a strong consensus that waiting is difficult, annoying, or downright bad. Waiting should be avoided and not affirmed, right? Everyone knows that!

This universal perspective is made worse by our fast-paced culture. Waiting less is either a status symbol or a marker of good customer service. At Disney World, you can purchase a special pass to avoid the long lines. By enrolling in TSA PreCheck, you avoid the hassle of waiting in long screening lines. Fast food restaurants reward their employees for shortening wait times in the drive-thru. With a click of a button and an Amazon Prime membership, your package can be on your doorstep in a day or two. View article →



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