Scott Jennings Lays Out What the ‘Big Lie’ for 2024 Is

“I’ve honestly stopped worrying about the campaign and I have one question. Who is running the White House today? Who is making decisions today? I’m not really worried about the presidency in January. I’m worried about it right now. We have serious problems going on right now and I don’t really think Joe Biden is up to the task today, let alone seven months from today.”

(Rebecca Downs – Townhall) Scott Jennings has provided a thoughtful and much needed conservative voice to CNN, who is often validated with his points about President Joe Biden’s decline. On Wednesday morning during “CNN News Central,” he pointed out the shameful “big lie” that has been going on this election cycle when it comes to gaslighting about the president’s mental acuity.

Jennings was asked by CNN’s Sara Sidner about how “the Republicans have to be licking their chops, so to speak, as they’re watching this. Because they haven’t really come out and said anything because they don’t have to, right?” While he pointed out that “Donald Trump, I think, has gone radio silent, which is the best thing he can do,” he also launched into the bigger issue. It’s not so much how Republicans are acting. View article →


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