From Fauci to Levine, feds covertly bend science to politics on COVID origin, gender confusion

“The most senior transgender official in the U.S. government was bearing down on WPATH to finish SOC 8 and ditch the draft’s age minimums of 14-17 for various hormonal and surgical procedures including castration and mastectomy.”

(Greg Piper – Just the News) Federal pressure on private parties to squelch challenges to Biden administration narratives, tacitly tolerated by the Supreme Court in a decision last month making it harder for social media users to sue public officials, goes beyond COVID-19, elections and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

It also includes how to treat children with so-called “gender confusion,” as revealed by legal discovery in a lawsuit challenging Alabama’s ban on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for those under 19 – what supporters call gender-affirming care, which also includes surgical removal of healthy breasts and genitals. View article →



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