Save the Planet, Ditch Your Pets?

“Pierce’s take…could also be construed as another form of the oppressor vs. oppressed worldview — humans are the oppressors in this dynamic, and pets are the oppressed.”

(Emmy Griffin – The Patriot Post) TIME magazine recently published a piece by a bioethicist (red flag right there) named Jessica Pierce, who lays out the case against the practice of keeping pets. Pierce argues that, at its core, pet-keeping is hedonistic.

Her argument: It’s self-gratification because we love animals and they provide companionship, but what do pets get out of it?…

Not much, according to Pierce. First, pets are subject to Big Pet malfeasance — bred in inhumane conditions such as puppy or kitten mills. Second, pets are subject to living in captivity their whole lives without purpose or social interactions. Third, of course, there is the climate impact that pet-keeping has. According to Pierce, a 2017 study found that the heavy metal diet of dogs and cats through their pet food is equivalent to the carbon emissions of 14 million cars. View article →


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