The Low-Information Evangelical Part 2 (Reprise)

FLASHBACK!  This article by CRN managing editor Marsha West was first published August 29, 2014. “In part I brought the reader up to speed on Beth Moore’s slide into mysticism and also gave a heads up on her unbiblical teaching … Continue reading 

Does the Bible actually teach that we’re not to judge others?

In the work I do I often name names. When I expose a false teacher, invariably someone will call me judgmental. When that happens it is always best to respond with Scripture: “The spiritual person judges all things, but is … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Flaunts Feminist, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Elizabeth Warren Slogan on Tee Shirt

The Tee shirt promoted by Beth Moore on Twitter was given to her by her friend Christine Caine of heretical Hillsong Church in Australia. Caine considers Joyce Meyer her chief mentor and “spiritual mother.”  Both are Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel … Continue reading 

Beth Moore Likes Tweet Calling on Christians to Forsake Faith and Join Pro-Gay Anti-Police Hate Groups

To think that you can join hands with pro-violence hate groups like  Black  Lives Matter and ANTIFA and fight “systemic racism and racial violence” without the gospel is absurd and exposes her agenda. (Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Beth Moore’s car has long … Continue reading 

What In The Wide World Is Going On With The Southern Baptist Convention? (Republishing with the link)

“Why was David Hughes invited to speak to the Pastors Conference? Because a lot of the pastors attending want to be just like David Hughes. Or Steven Furtick. Or Andy Stanley. Or Ed Young Jr. Or Beth Moore. Or Bethel … Continue reading