Sean Feucht: Church Hero or Villain

“Aside from his associations, the most flagrant red flag for Feucht is his obsession with the number “222,” which is an occult omen denoting harmony, divine blessing, and opportunities. Deuteronomy 18:10 forbids the use of divination and interpretation of omens. … Continue reading 

‘Pastors4Trump’ Speaker Emphatically Declares ‘God is Not in Control’ At ReAwaken American Event

(Protestia) At a recent ReAwaken American event in Las Vegas this past week, Rev. Marty Grisham, demonstrating his lack of theological knowledge and understanding of God’s sovereignty, repeatedly declares that “God is not in control” of the nation in light … Continue reading 

Charlie Kirk, TPUSA Host ‘Pastors Summit’ Headlined by Atheist

The atheist isn’t the only one that should be avoided. Others include David Barton of Wall Builders and Sean Feucht of Bethel Church. Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith once said about Barton: Dave Barton…is flat out deceitful…he needs … Continue reading 

Needles, Blades, Drugs Thrown on Stage at Worship Concert in Portland While Ex-Military, Ex-Police Protect Christians

An Antifa photo contains foul language. (Protestia) A day after Antifa attacked Christians at an event put on by Pastor Artur Pawlowski at a Portland park, Redding CA Bethel Church’s Sean Feucht put on a worship concert Sunday evening in … Continue reading 

Charismatic Conference Sees 4-Year-Old Kids Taught to Speak in Tongues, Prophecy, and Get ‘Slain in the Spirit’

(Protestia)  A worship session during a charismatic children’s conference had kids as young as four years old being encouraged to speak in tongues, prophecy, and get slain in the spirit, with rejoicing testimony that these young ones were “falling out … Continue reading