T.D. Jakes Denies the Trinity in Wild Christmas Sermon

T.D. Jakes is a “self-styled “bishop”—notorious for his love of money, who teaches a false prosperity gospel, who freely shills for every aberration on TBN, who was ordained in a Sabellian denomination, who has been confronted repeatedly about his anti-trinitarianism, who refuses to renounce modalism, who declines … Continue reading 

Steven Furtick’s Mentor, T.D. Jakes Joins Scientologist for ‘Prosperity Conference’

“To them, God is nothing more than a genie in a bottle.” (The Dissenter) The prosperity gospel is far more nefarious than just believing that God will grant you health and wealth if you have enough faith. The prosperity gospel … Continue reading 

Rick Warren Hosting Global Prayer Event With Trinity-denying T.D. Jakes

“Rick Warren has demonstrated over a 30-year ministry that he has no discernment and should never be considered a spiritual leader. The fact that he continues to affirm Jakes as a brother in Christ and as part of a united … Continue reading 

T.D. Jakes Has Repented Of Word Faith Heresy?

In this new meticulously documented article filled with video evidence Apprising Ministries shows you that, despite James MacDonald’s wishful thinking, Jakes is still preaching his same old WF mythology.