Fox News Cowards Spread Fake News that Christine Blasey Ford Is ‘Credible’

This is monstrous behavior, unforgivable, un-American—the stuff of lynch mobs, of quislings—and it is the fakest of fake news.

By any standard of truth, fairness, classical liberalism, evidence, and facts, Dr. Ford is not only not credible, she is nothing close to credible.

Let me count the ways…

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(John Nolte – Breitbart) On Thursday, Judge Andrew Napolitano handed the mob all the rope they could possibly ask for, courtesy of Fox News, saying, “All of us agree that this witness is exceptionally credible.” No one argued with him.

Listen, I am not here to signal my own virtue. I am not David French, or Matthew Dowd, or Jake Tapper. The reason I have defended those whose politics and character disgust me has nothing to do with virtue and everything to do with self-preservation. Continue reading

Republicans Should Not Have Delayed the Kavanaugh Vote

“Judiciary Committee Democrats do not want an FBI investigation of allegations against Judge Kavanaugh because they think it will be especially illuminating or reliable. They want it because it will result in delay, giving them the breathing room necessary to come up with more reasons for delay.”

(Andrew C. McCarthy – National Review)  They gave Democrats exactly what they wanted.

You have opponents whose first and only objective is delay. From the start of the confirmation proceedings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, those opponents, Senate Democrats, have thus pushed for delay. At every turn. Of course they never come out and say that’s what they’re doing — they never come out and say, “We’ve abused the confirmation process and dropped a bomb at the eleventh hour, an uncorroborated, 36-year-old allegation of sexual assault, because we’re trying to delay the vote until after the midterms.” But delay is what they want. Continue reading

Liberals Change Word Meanings With Intent to Deceive (Reprise)

This article by CRN managing editor Marsha West was first published in 2012.

The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. — Winston Churchill

Almost anything is possible if one has the power to change the definition of words. Take for example the word truth. Once upon a time truth had a clear concise meaning.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary (M-WD) defines truth as “the body of true statements and propositions. Truth is the ‘state of being the case.'”  In other words, it is a fact. A fact is something that actually exists, or an actual occurrence.  M-WD defines In truth as in accordance with facts. “Facts are stubborn things,” said John Adams, “and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” Continue reading

‘Gay Christian’ Event Planned with Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Baptist Church

Mark Dever is the senior pastor of the Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., author, speaker and the president of 9Marks, a ministry that encourages pastors to go to the Bible for instruction on how to lead their churches. Even though Dever’s doctrinal teaching is said to be stellar, this popular pastor is among those who embrace “Social Justice Christianity.” Now we learn that there’s going to be a “gay Christian” event in partnership with Dever’s church and Sam Allberry’s Living Out.  Allberry’s an apologist and writer for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and a consulting editor for The Gospel Coalition. What’s troubling is that Allberry, who’s a pastor in Maidenhead UK, identifies as a “gay Christian” and is among those who have “decided” to become celibate for Christ.

JD Hall of Pulpit & Pen has the report: Continue reading

Is There A Decent Democrat Left In America?

“As Chuck Schumer and his army of elected flying monkeys attack Kavanaugh and Republicans with absurd and obvious lies, not one Democrat has stepped up to say enough. No one has come forward to say the presumption of innocence is fundamentally American, and Judge Kavanaugh deserves it, politics be damned.  None.”

(Derek Hunter – Townhall)  The attempted character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh has brought out the worst in Democrats, every Democrat, everywhere. They’ve convicted a good and decent man of things he wasn’t even falsely accused of, so desperate are progressives to stop someone who believes the Constitution means what it says from sitting on the Supreme Court. … Continue reading

Why do people ‘hate’ Beth Moore? What’s the problem with Beth Moore?

Beth Moore took a selfie with uber false teacher Joyce Meyer while appearing on her show.

“People with sound doctrine don’t tend to support uniting with and promoting heretical word of faith teaching.”

(Hetrodox Research Initiative)  SUMMARY: People with sound doctrine don’t tend to support uniting with and promoting word of faith and prosperity gospel heretical teaching. You simply can not trust the doctrine, theology, and teaching of someone who promotes and partners with heretical false teachers. There are much better sources to get your teaching from than Beth Moore. You don’t need to be a cessationist to have problems with Beth Moore.


Many in attempts to answer these questions end up getting bogged down in the continuist vs. cessationist debate. I’m going to avoid that topic, and prove you don’t need to be a cessationist to have concerns and problems with the teaching and ministry of Beth Moore. Continue reading

Homosexual ‘cesspool’: Priest blows whistle on Ireland’s national seminary

Fr. Marsden said he responded by saying the only reason he could be called a ‘one issue person’ in the seminary was because he was the only person saying anything about the referendum or homosexuality. He told Lumin Fidei that this was likely because other staff members were either afraid to speak out or were homosexual themselves.”

(Anthony Murphy – LifeSiteNews) A priest and former seminary vocational growth counselor in Ireland has revealed for the first time the real reason he resigned from the country’s national seminary two years ago. Continue reading

Is Jesus currently limited by his incarnation?

“Jesus himself says that he will be with us (Matt 28:20), even though he said that he was leaving so that the Spirit would come (John 15:7). So while Jesus is in heaven in his human body, he is omnipresent through the Holy Spirit.”

(Clint Archer – The Cripplegate)  Jordan Peterson asks this provocative question: what does an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Being lack? The answer is… limitations.

Someone recently asked me if Jesus is limited for all eternity by the human nature he took on. This led to a discussion of where Jesus is now and what he is doing – which I hope will answer the question about the limitations of Christ’s human nature. So here goes in 500 words… Continue reading

Andy Stanley: ‘Most Former Christians Still Have a Crush on Jesus’

“‘The Bible says’ …. doesn’t carry the weight it once did and thanks to our digital world, folks know ‘what else’ the Bible says without even picking up a Bible. In spite of this, we preach, teach, write, and communicate as if nothing has changed. As if ‘The Bible says it,’ still settles it,” noted the book’s official description.

(Berean Research)  Megachurch leader Andy Stanley has made some interesting statements over the past few years. Most notably are his statements distancing himself from the authority of Scripture. Easy to mark and avoid a teacher like this, right? Continue reading

Downplaying the Devil in NAR

Should you pray for God’s protection from being deceived and then stop worrying about being deceived by the devil? Likewise, once you pray for protection should you then let your guard down, not worry about your need for protection, and embrace all–and I mean all–manifestations of the miraculous? Holly Pivec explains why putting aside spiritual discernment is both unscriptural and naive. Read her piece over at Spirit Of Error: Continue reading

The real reason the left wants to destroy Brett Kavanaugh

“This is all about abortion.  This is the epic battle, latest battle, between the forces of pro-choice versus pro-life.  And I think both sides will do whatever is necessary, whatever is legally possible, to delay or get their person on the high court.” 

(Bill Thomas – American Thinker)  Dr. Ben Carson, on the campaign trail in 2016, said, “The Roman Empire was very, very much like us.  They lost their moral core, their sense of values in terms of who they were.  And after all of those things converged together, they just went right down the tubes very quickly.”  Four years later, that statement rings even more ominous.  Progressives in our country have taken political opposition to an extreme and dangerous level.  No longer do we see a “loyal opposition.”  In its place is a hate-filled, revenge-seeking mob no longer constrained by fact, decency, or integrity.

Continue reading

Project Veritas Catches Deep State Redhanded

“I know opponents of President Donald Trump roll their eyes in ridicule at the mere suggestion of a deep state committed to undermining Trump’s agenda. That’s the stuff of paranoid conspiracy theorists or unhinged Trumpublican tribalists, they say. Well, James O’Keefe, and his Project Veritas, has shown, again, that there is a “there” there.”

(David Limbaugh – Daily Wire)  We’ve long known that unelected leftist bureaucrats embedded in the bowels of the federal government have been lawlessly targeting conservatives and abusing their power to thwart the agenda of duly elected Republican policymakers. The proof keeps pouring in. Continue reading

American Academy of Pediatrics guidance recommends sex changes for children who identify as transgender

“A controversial cover story in The Atlantic this summer on transgenderism in young people gave accounts of a number of “detransitioners,” people who had identified as transgender and then returned to their biological gender after realizing other issues were at the root of their discomfort, and “desisters,” young people whose parents put the breaks on transition to work on other mental and emotional health issues only to find the gender dysphoria eventually dissipated.”

(Kelly Crossland – World)  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released updated guidance on Monday recommending pediatricians support name, appearance, and sex changes for children who identify as transgender. But the recommendations ignore important research about underlying mental health issues, social contagion, and desistance in gender dysphoric children and teens. Continue reading

What’s the Main Concern for Christian Parents When It Comes to Gender?

“The very first chapter of God’s revelation to us tells us that God intentionally made two sexes that are complementary. This wasn’t arbitrary; it was so we could fulfill His design for us to fill the earth with other people who would love and worship God.”

(Brian Seagraves – Stand To Reason)  Recent studies indicate that only about 0.5% of the U.S. population identifies as transgender. Yet, every parent needs to be concerned about the effect transgenderism will have on their children. If the percentage of people who are transgender is so small, why do all parents need to be so concerned? Continue reading

Pope Francis Welcomes Bono After He Campaigned For Abortion In Ireland

“We haven’t figured out what we are going to do together,” Bono said, “but we sort of have a crush on each other.”

(Paul Bois – Daily Wire) As Pope Francis remains silent regarding accusations that he covered up for an allegedly abusive cardinal, he has welcomed into his company none other than U2 frontman Bono, who most recently campaigned for the legalization of abortion in Ireland.

The Pope did not address Bono’s support for abortion in the once-Catholic country during their half-hour session together, according to the rock singer. Instead, the Pope “let the conversation go where it wanted to go” and was “incredibly gracious with his time, his concentration.” Continue reading

The Gigantic Problem Beneath the Really Big Problem

Something is true because it’s actually true-whether you like it or not.  Something is false because it’s actually false-whether you like it or not. 

Has the American Evangelical Church abandoned God’s Word? According to Steven Kozar of Messed Up Church, God’s Word has been abandoned. In a letter he wrote, Kozar addresses this along with other issues in the visible Church, plus he shares many things he wonders about that other Christians wonder about, too. And he asks some excellent questions. Here’s one example, “Isn’t it a strange coincidence that this pastor suddenly changed his view about an important issue and adopted the exact same viewpoint of the surrounding culture?”

Now to Steve’s letter, where you will learn what he believes is the most GIGANTIC problem in the Evangelical Church: Continue reading

Being Berean – 8 Steps for Comparing Teaching to Scripture

Bible study author, speaker and blogger, Michelle Lesley, has come up with 8 steps every Christian should take in order to become what those of us involved in a discernment ministry refer to as a “Berean.” As Berean Research points out in their Discernment White Paper (which will help you guard against error):

Christians who are spiritually discerning are able to properly distinguish between true and false teaching. Those with discernment have wisdom. Moreover, in the Bible we’re told that a true believer possesses the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:15-16)

“It is the great privilege of Christians, that they have the mind of Christ revealed to them by his Spirit,” reminds Bible expositor Matthew Henry. Continue reading

Charisma Magazine reports on why Bill Johnson didn’t immediately shut down ‘grave sucking’

“Bill Johnson often uses his pulpit to ‘virtue signal’ to his congregation how they need to be wary of the demonic yet does nothing to discipline his leaders and students for dabbling in occult activity.”

(Churchwatch Central)  We advise our readers that ‘Charisma Magazine’ exists to promote the cause of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Included in the NARisma article below, you will read of other apostles involved in the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) and Bethel Church. Jesus Culture founder Liebscher addressed several controversies surrounding Bethel Church – including grave sucking. Continue reading