Ilhan Omar Trivializes 9/11 Terrorist Attacks: ‘Some People Did Something’

This woman loves to stir up controversy, loves to be in the spotlight. In the speech she gave, she could have said something like “On the morning of 9/11 terrorists killed 3,000 innocent Americans. I call them terrorists because that is what they were. Those men do not represent my religion.” But instead she said, “some people did something.” Her remarks were condemned, and rightly so.

Now to Ryan Saavedra’s piece over at Daily Wire:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) trivialized the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history in a recent speech she gave at an event for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — which the United Arab Emirates has designated as a terrorist organization. Continue reading

The End of the Family?

“Christian believers must make known with care and respect that destroying patriarchy eliminates the reality of fatherhood, without which there is no family. It is also a rejection of the amazing revelation taught by Jesus regarding God as loving Father, which is at the very basis of the Christian message. Fatherhood is the basis of the success of the Western Christendom, which, with all its faults, has lasted down the centuries, based on a belief in God as Father and Creator.” 

(Peter Jones – truthxchange)  As Christians observing the huge behavioral changes in Western culture, we need to evaluate what our public witness will mean in the days ahead, whether for us individually, for the church community or for our children. It will not be business as usual. Someone recently observed: “If you think of American Christianity as a pendulum, we’re currently at the opposite extreme from the First Great Awakening.”[1]   Continue reading

7 Threats From a False Teacher

“When people wonder why publically calling out false teachers is a big deal, simply ask: Would you point out a known sex offender in a neighborhood full of children? Would you warn others if an active shooter were present in a shopping mall? Would you not pick up your infant if a pitbull entered the nursery? Of course. Then why wouldn’t we be faithful to point out dangers and protect the precious children of God?”

(Costi Hinn – For the Gospel)  False teachers and abusive leaders need to maintain their power. Therefore, they use a series of threats to keep people quiet and in line. Get out of line? You might hear one of the seven statements I’ve listed below. Continue reading

You Go, Girl! Candace Owens Blasts Dems For Splicing Her Video To Fit Their Despicable Narrative

“As I said, he [Lieu] is assuming black people will not go pursue the full two hour clip. And he purposefully extracted– he cut off and you didn’t hear the question that was asked of me,” Owens explained. “He’s trying to present it as if I was launching a defense of Hitler and Germany, when in fact, the question that was asked of me was pertaining to whether or not I believed HItler– whether or not I believed in nationalism and that nationalism was bad.”

(Beth Baumann – Townhall)  Prager University’s Candace Owens appeared in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to testify about white nationalism in America. In typical liberal fashion, Democrats on the Committee attempted to spin Owens’ previous words explaining nationalism. Continue reading

How did Department of Justice get the Trump-Russia investigation so wrong?

“Rather than investigating the president further, Congress needs to investigate how the Department of Justice got this one so wrong. If the president of the United States is vulnerable to prosecutorial abuse, then God help all the rest of us. Members of Congress cannot do this themselves. We do not trust them enough with such a vital mission.”

(Former Nebraska governor, U.S. senator and Democrat, Bob Kerrey – Omaha World-Herald) Delusions fascinate me in part because I have so many of my own. Most often delusions are harmless. Sometimes they are not.

Continue reading

PreachersNSneakers and Pastors as Lifestyle Brands

“I don’t think God gives a rip about the labels, but I’m convinced he cares a great deal for the heart behind the labels. What we wear on the outside has an interesting way of revealing what we really value on the inside. Our clothing reveals who we want to be known by and what we want to be known for.”

(Tim Challies)   Everyone is talking about PreachersNSneakers. Well, not everyone, I’m sure, but enough that it has ended up in my inbox plenty of times over the past few days. PreachersNSneakers is an Instagram account that simply shares photos of preachers in their sneakers. No big deal, right?… Continue reading

Progressives to Hold Political ‘Just Gospel’ Conference to Affirm Democrat Politics in the Church

“The Democrat party, at it’s core supports the slaughter of innocent children (abortion), gay rights, gay propaganda, “gay Christianity,” theft (redistribution of wealth), lawlessness (i.e. open borders), a complete and total lack of individual responsibility (i.e. nanny state welfare system, single payer insurance, etc.), and the endless sweeping away of our right to worship God freely. And this is who these progressive leaders want us to reconcile with.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  It’s no secret that the Democratic party is trying to take over the Evangelical Church. Some of the most prominent liberal outlets in the Church, such as the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) are funded by subversive political movers like George Soros and James Riady…. Continue reading

TGC’s Same-Sex Attracted Christian Apostasy Cover-Up

“What does the Bible call men who write and promote perverse articles like this in the name of “Christian ministry” and put them up on the World Wide Web for years — leading Christ’s Church, pastors, fathers, mothers, men, women, boys, and girls astray from God’s truth? The Bible calls such men false teachers, deceivers, and wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

(Chuck O’Neal)  The Gospel Coalition (TGC) and 9Marks are fully engaged in a cover-up of Sam Allberry’s abominable doctrines. Stop and think. has been full of appalling teaching and counsel for years. The men behind TGC and 9Marks have been promoting Sam Allberry and for years…. Continue reading

Kids Aren’t Born Trans

“I underwent my own “sex change” in April 1983. I had no idea then that I would be here today talking about the subject, or that the evidence against “born that way” had started oozing out as early as 1979, four years before I was mutilated.”

(Walt Heyer – CNSNews)  People who pursue a cross-sex identity aren’t born that way, and children should not be encouraged to “transition” to the opposite sex, according to a reference work endorsed by the American Psychological Association. Continue reading

Democrat Presidential Conference Opens with Communist Cop-Killer’s Chants

Domestic terrorist and convicted cop killer Assata Shakur escaped from prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba. Photo by Wikipedia Commons

In 1973, while wanted for multiple crimes from bank robbery to murder, Chesimard and two accomplices were pulled over for a tail-light violation on the New Jersey Turnpike. As the troopers were routinely questioning them, Chesimard in the passenger seat, and her pals opened up on the lawmen with some stemi-auto pistols (no word on whether these were properly registered.)”

(Humberto Fontova – Townhall)   “I’m gonna actually have you participate with me in repeating some words from a leader by the name of Assata Shakur!”  (NAACP V.P. Jamal Watkins opening the We The People conference this week.)

“(The conference speakers) included 2020 Democratic White House contenders Cory Booker, Julián Castro, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Jay Inslee and Kirsten Gillibrand.” Continue reading

R-Rated Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned’ Cut More Gruesome Footage, Producer Reveals

“In the film, they are emotionally engaged. It’s been effective. We’ve had a lot of people who said they never thought about it before, but now their eyes are definitely opened.”

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media)  When the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave the pro-life film Unplanned an R rating, a minor scandal erupted. Few knew that some of the most gruesome footage died on the cutting-room floor.

Speaking with PJ Media this week, producer Joe Knopp said that while members of the Unplanned team publicly expressed disappointment at the rating, he thinks it’s a positive development. Continue reading

Dr. Albert Mohler’s Opportunity for Historic Repentance and Reformation

“It was bold hypocrisy for Dr. Mohler to post a picture of himself during the 500th anniversary celebration of the Reformation preaching over Luther’s body while simultaneously refusing to remove his longstanding compromise of Luther’s Gospel and Luther’s Reformation from the World Wide Web.” 

(Chuck O’Neal – Reformation Charlotte)  Dr. Mohler very recently and very quietly requested his name be removed from the Manhattan Declaration! That’s a big deal, but not a historic deal. Continue reading

Setting the Stage for TGC19 – Conversations with Jesus: Emotionalism, Collectivism, Universalism and Error

“[Ligon Duncan wrapped-up day 1 with a session titled “Catechetical Evangelism,“ and while he elevated doctrine, he also issued a stern warning against becoming “lovelessly doctrinal.“ He gave a shout-out to the  ecumenical, inter-denominational New City Catechism,  produced by [Tim] Keller’s Redeemer Network and The Gospel Coalition.”

(Toni S. Brown)  The Gospel Coaltion launched their annual conference this week in Indianapolis, TGC19-Conversations with Jesus, and considering the massive global influence they have successfully established it seems fitting that we should pay attention to the message and instruction coming out of this powerful and far-reaching organization. Continue reading

Roma Downey’s Financial Contribution to New Ager Marianne Williamson Raises Many Questions

“Our concern (one that is growing by the day) is with Christian leaders (men and women who name the name of Jesus Christ, who are highly influential and looked up to by millions – such as Greg Laurie and David Jeremiah) who are exhibiting very little or no discernment, such as in the situation with Roma Downey. And many are being misled because of this.”

Evangelical leaders such as Rick Warren, Greg Laurie, and David Jeremiah have shown public support for Roma Downey and her books, movies, and other media work for a number of years now. Lighthouse Trails has attempted to alert these leaders and the church at large that while Downey may be a sincere person, she is a New Age sympathizer and has consistently supported those sympathies. Continue reading

Most Evangelical Leaders Have No Idea How the Gospel Works

“Homosexuality is a sin. Lust, even when not physically acted upon, is a sinful desire of the heart. It must be confronted with the gospel, and the gospel cannot be compromised. But these men are worried that we’re going to lose people in the Church if we don’t “soften our tone” or become more tolerant of homosexuals.” 

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  The Evangelical-Industrial Complex has long departed the historic and Biblical Christian faith and exchanged it for a system of emperors who have nothing better to do than to build and protect their own kingdoms…. Continue reading

Mike Abendroth & Tom Buck tackle whether SSA is simply a temptation…or a sin against God

Sam Allberry is an Anglican priest who is same-sex attracted (SSA). Allberry has become one of the leading spokesman on the issue of homosexuality in the Church. In a series of articles, Pastor Tom Buck shares the bad theology and perverted counsel he discovered on Allberry’s website, Living Out, written by two of the website’s leaders. (Some of the posts were recently removed.) No Compromise Radio host Mike Abendroth invited Tom Buck on the program to discuss the reason for his concerns about SSA and to explain why he felt that it was necessary to write a 4 part series where he tackles the “gay Christian” movement that has swept through the visible Church like a prairie fire. What is in question is whether or not SSA is simply a temptation or a grievous sin…. Continue reading

Ex-Gay Testimony: The Gospel Radically Changed My Heart and Desires

“The Bible teaches no such thing as same-sex attraction for a Christian. Therefore if a man or women can live year after year with vile affections, they are habitually sinning and are not born of God. I fear and I believe most of these same-sex attraction preachers and ministers are not even born again. I see no fruit of repentance in their lives. I see no power of the cross working to kill their desires.”

(Josef Löwdin – Reformation Charlotte)  In an ungodly movement in the Church today, the idea that one can be a Christian while still sexually attracted to people of the same sex is gaining momentum…. Continue reading

Satan Isn’t After the SBC, God Is

“If leaders and church members alike don’t fear God more than they fear the consequences of standing up for the abused, the possibility of church scandal or the threat of personal conflict, if we don’t fear God in light of what he promises is to come—abused sufferers will continue to get silenced and dishonestly characterized.”

(Rebekah Hannah – For the Church)   Last week as a series of articles outlined a detailed history of sexual abuse within Southern Baptist churches. I have friends and family affected inside what was reported. I am affected. Continue reading

It Was Not So From The Beginning: What Nature And Grace Teach Us About SSA

“Paul was not saying that sinners cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is composed of sinners redeemed by the grace of God. Those who continue in their former way of life, however, who profess faith in Christ but who live like pagans will not inherit the Kingdom because they have never entered the Kingdom. They have no saving relation to King Jesus by grace alone, through faith alone.”

(R. Scott Clark – Abounding Grace)  It is being argued in some evangelical quarters that same-sex attraction (SSA) or homosexual attraction is “natural” and that it SSA (sexual desire for someone of the same sex) is not per se sinful. One writer who defends this view quotes John Cheever who wrote that every attractive man was like a loaded pistol…. Continue reading

What is ‘Rededicating Your Life to Christ’ and is it Biblical?

“If you find yourself in a cycle of “rededication,” sadly to say, you may be deceiving yourself. If your life is not marked by genuine repentance, and a true desire to follow Jesus, and obey God’s word, you very well may be lost.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)   A popular concept within evangelical churches, especially college-age and young adults, is the idea that one can “rededicate” their life to Christ…. Continue reading

The Disproportionate Rate Of Measurable Harm For Males And Females In Homosexual Relationships

“Jesus taught us that the God-ordained union of “male and female” is our best clue that God intended sexual unions to be between two (and only two) persons. The requirement of two different sexes is the only foundation for rejecting more consistently the excessive structural sameness of incest. Eliminating this male-female foundation opens the door to other distorted sexual unions, at least for now of an adult-consensual nature.” 

(Robert A. J. Gagnon)  What’s the harm in endorsing homosexual relationships, apart from a violation of the overwhelming witness of Scripture, including the teaching of Jesus, leading to a consignment of many to eternal separation from God? Continue reading

Kathy Keller: Church as Usual Will Not ‘Work’

“A few years ago, I fell victim to a church plant that was completely given over to the false theology of Dr. Tim Keller, and the church-planting scheme put forth by Kathy Keller in this article is precisely what I encountered, and rejected. This article embodies much of what is dangerous and unbiblical about this church-planting power couple.”

(Toni S. Brown)  Mrs. Tim Keller, otherwise known as Kathy, has published an article at Redeemer City to City, the church planting wing of Tim Keller’s vast New York operation. Continue reading