First Was the Emergent Church, Then New Calvinism. The Latest ‘Cool Trend’ is Apostasy

“Apostasy — which comes from the Greek word apostasia (“ἀποστασία”) which literally means in the context of Scripture, departure — or falling away. In other words, it refers to those who have professed Christ, especially for a long time, and then have renounced their faith.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Trends in Christendom seem to come and go like different style haircuts. It’s like every time you turn around, you see some “new way” of doing Christianity or some “new doctrine” that hasn’t been around that promises to change the way we think about Church. Continue reading

Christians Who Oppose Conversion Therapy Need a Reality Check

“So Allberry, Butterfield, and Perry’s popularity comes largely because straight Christians like to hear them talk about how they dealt with their homosexuality.  It makes straight Christians feel tolerant for giving them platforms.  Straight Christians imagine that gay people will respond positively to their message and will not reject the Christian position on sexuality as hateful.”

(Robert Oscar Lopez – Americans for Truth)  To be loving does not mean to be gullible.  Jesus Christ mentions that we will come across dishonest people, especially among those who have prestige (or are seeking it).  We should love people, but that does not mean we should let them take advantage of us.  Or fool us.  Or trick us. Continue reading

Has anyone actually read the El Paso manifesto?

“Crusius worried about many things, if the manifesto is any indication. He certainly worried about immigration, but also about automation. About job losses. About a universal basic income. Oil drilling. Urban sprawl. Watersheds. Plastic waste. Paper waste. A blue Texas. College debt. Recycling. Healthcare. Sustainability. And more. Large portions of the manifesto simply could not be more un-Trumpian.”

(Byron York – Washington Times)  The manifesto written by accused El Paso mass killer Patrick Crusius is the basis for the argument that the shootings were inspired by President Trump. Media commentators, Democratic presidential candidates, and all types of Trump critics have made that case in the days since the murders. Continue reading

Nicolle Wallace’s Career of Bizarre, Unhinged Trump Hate

“Back in October of 2018, she boasted to fellow MSNBC Host Chris Matthews that she had once encouraged Jeb Bush to punch then-candidate Trump in the face: “I said, ‘I think you should’ve punched him in the face, and then gotten out of the race. You would’ve been a hero.’”

(Bill D’Agastino – News Busters)   Nicolle Wallace, the strident Never Trumper who hosts MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, recently came under fire for alleging on national television that President Trump was “talking about exterminating Latinos.” For many conservatives, that backlash — which died down somewhat once Wallace issued a terse apology (albeit only on Twitter) — was their first exposure to Wallace and her vitriolic coverage of this administration. Continue reading

Time To Kiss The Gospel Coalition Goodbye

The problem is, The Gospel Coalition isn’t really about the gospel — it’s about other things, like social justice, egalitarianism, LGBTQ activism, open borders and mass illegal immigration, theological liberalism, self-advancement, etc. The Gospel Coalition merely cloaks these causes in Christian-themed language, slaps the phrase “gospel-centered” on it, and brings aboard anyone who is willing to advance their cause — or at least act as a cloak for the gospel while The Gospel Coalition advances their own cause.

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  In the wake of Joshua Harris’ apostasy — the Purity Culture pastor who divorced his wife, denounced Christianity, and embraced homosexuality — many people are wondering just exactly what went wrong. The apostasy follows a string of The Gospel Coalition contributors who have either been disqualified or have completely turned from their faith altogether. Continue reading

Time To Kiss New Calvinism Goodbye

American evangelical church life is ad hoc, which is a fancy Latin way of saying that they make it up as they go along. They do whatever seems expedient and practical. American evangelical Christianity is less governed by the Scriptures as understood by the historic Christian church and more governed by secular models of “success.”

(R. Scott Clark – Abounding Grace)  Yet another evangelical personality has announced that not only are he and his wife separating—this after he wrote a widely-read book on dating and courtship—but he has grave doubts about the truth of Christianity and he is intent on starting a podcast to share those doubts with the world…. Continue reading

Ingraham calls out Dems: ‘They are throwing kerosene on a fire’

The host said “the left” is now branding “half the population” as racists and making them targets, warning Democrats that their actions will only lead to people getting hurt.

(Victor Garcia – Fox News)  Fox News’ Laura Ingraham took on Democrats Tuesday night for what she said is an attempt to capitalize politically on the shooting massacres in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio last weekend, and said she would not allow “the left” to divide Americans and distract from real solutions to real problems. Continue reading

Famed Yale computer science professor quits believing Darwin’s theories

Gelernter said he likes many of his colleagues at Yale, that they are his friends, but when he looks at “their intellectual behavior, what they have published — and much more importantly what they tell their students — Darwinism has indeed passed beyond a scientific argument as far as they are concerned. You take your life in your hands to challenge it intellectually. They will destroy you if you challenge it.”

(Jennifer Kabbany – The College Fix)  David Gelernter, a famed Yale University professor, has publicly renounced his belief in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, calling it a “beautiful idea” that has been effectively disproven. Continue reading

Battle of the Sexes—Not What You Think: Sides A, B, Gay-Christian, or Other?

“All this is to say that Christians who deal with same-sex attraction are neither alone nor unique as to struggles in this one area of life.  To perceive oneself as particularly called to exceptional suffering borders on pride and ignores the reality of the rest of the body of Christ.  A same-sex attracted person matters to God and to the church, but is no more special or exceptional than any other believer.” [emphasis added]

(Helen Louise Herndon – The Aquila Report)  A new battle of the sexes has appeared in the Church—a battle that was unimaginable not long ago.  All who are involved profess to be Christian. This battle involves three parties, two of whom relate directly to those coming out with same-sex attraction and a third party who relates indirectly to the first two. Continue reading

Campus Crusade For Christ Teaching Kids That It’s Okay to be Gay


Rachel Gilson, whom Hartley quoted in his above tweet, is a campus staff director for Cru in Boston. What Gilson said, that the Bible does not call us to be straight, is demonstrably false. Romans 1 clearly refers to homosexuality as “vile affections” and “dishonorable passions.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) is an organization that touts itself as an interdenominational Christian ministry that is primarily found on university campuses around the world. Now a global parachurch mission outfit, Cru is a staple of youth and college group partnerships with over 25,000 missionaries in nearly 200 countries. In short, Cru is an influential voice among evangelical students. Continue reading

Celibate but Compromised ‘Gay Christianity’ Pushes into Conservative Churches

“Revoice leaders would have you believe that if it weren’t for them, there would be no one to help Christians with homosexual desires. But that’s far from the truth. Organizations and individuals sympathetic to the challenges posed by homosexual attraction have been around for years to help such Christians. But their message of leaving “gay” identity and culture behind is one many in Revoice want to silence. At the recent Revoice conference, a speaker mocked Rosaria Butterfield, a Christian writer and former lesbian now married to a man. … Butterfield is controversial among many Revoice leaders and supporters because she doesn’t believe Christians should embrace a homosexual identity. As Butterfield puts it, “How can any of us fight a sin that we don’t hate?”

(Wendy Wilson – Illinois Family Institute)  The more you look into the “gay but celibate” movement advancing rapidly into once theologically orthodox Christian churches, the more disheartened you become by church leaders who have been slow to counter it, or worse, are embracing it. Continue reading

Matthew Vines Hosting Private Gathering to Teach Pastors How to Turn Their Churches Gay-Affirming

“Folks, mark my words. The LGBTQ mafia will not stop until the entire church has joined the sexual revolution. And once they have turned the Church to their side — as they claim they’re fighting for inclusion in the Church — they will leave the Church altogether. They are not interested in being part of the Church. They are only interested in silencing God.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)   This is how the militant LGBTQ mafia works. True Bible-believing Christians do not support, condone, or affirm homosexuality in any way. The Bible calls people to repent of all sexual immorality and to turn to Christ…. Continue reading

Gospel Coalition Writer/Speaker Comes Out in Full Support of Gay Marriage

“The Gospel Coalition believes in Gilson so much that not only is she a contributor at TGC, she is promoted in TGC as an upcoming speaker at TGC Women’s Training Network conference. The Women’s Training Network is The Gospel Coalition’s attempt to undermine Biblical Complementarianism.”

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  A Gospel Coalition writer and conference speaker has come out in full support of gay marriage at a Cru Conference of college students. She is scheduled to speak at another TGC Conference in September and is a part of TGC Women’s Training Network. Continue reading

Drag Queen Agenda, Part of the LGBTQ+ Roll-Out

“The plan is to force Drag Queen Story Hour into communities across the country. Another workshop at the American Library conference was called, “A Child’s Room to Choose: Encouraging Gender Identity and Expression in School and Public Libraries.” You might be wondering what this has to do with the lost art of reading good books. Nothing.”

(David Fiorazo)  The goal has always been the children. The current drag queen phenomena is no different. Convert kids to liberalism and if they have any belief in God or any understanding of biblical morality, retrain them through education…. Continue reading

The Evil White Man Syndrome

“It doesn’t matter that Elijah Cummings and everyone else in Baltimore knows his district is in tough shape.  The media will not allow non-minorities to state that.  In America today, speech that criticizes “people of color” is racist speech.  And don’t you forget it.”  

(Bill O’Reilly)  To understand the current “racist” label in politics, you must uncover the overriding current philosophy on the far left.  And that comes down to this: the United States has always been a patriarchy run by evil, corrupt white guys who delight in delivering pain to everyone else.

Put Donald Trump’s picture next to that definition.

Continue reading

What do Josh Harris and Beth Moore have in common?

“‘The church’ as Moore identified, had asked her to do something for which she was biblically unqualified on several levels. We don’t know who asked her to teach, she only says ‘the church’ asked her. ‘The church’ should know better. In the first place, a wise elder board or pastoral staff should be raising up men and women for these positions. It’s their literal job to keep an eye out for teachable anointed ones and train them up for the edification of the body so that when opportunities come, they are ready to install a trained, if hopefully experienced, man or women.”

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Time)  Wanted: SBC Church desires a substitute Sunday School Teacher for women. Term: 1-year. Prefer untrained young candidate, motivational speaking a plus. Responsibilities: Teach the word of God eisegetically to women older than yourself…. Continue reading

‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ Author Says He’s No Longer a Christian: Get Ready for a Flood of Christian Defections

“Josh Harris is not the first of his generation to walk away from Christianity — and he won’t be the last. In the last few years we’ve watched as celebrity pastors and Christian leaders have denied central teachings of scripture (Rachel Held Evans, Rob Bell); been removed from the pastorate as the result of revelations of immorality (Bill Hybels, Art Azurdia, Tullian Tchividjian); flirted with unbiblical teachings (Mark Driscoll, Beth Moore); and now, in the very sad case of Josh Harris, apostatized — openly denying Christ in the process.”

(Paula Bolyard – PJ Media)  The internet has been buzzing this week upon hearing the news that Joshua Harris — a former pastor and author of the bestselling book I Kissed Dating Goodbye — has not only decided to divorce his wife of 20-plus years, but has also kissed Christianity goodbye, announcing on Instagram that he is no longer a Christian…. Continue reading

Jesuit ‘America Magazine’ Insane To Publish ‘The Catholic Case For Communism’

“You might ask, after 110 years of opposition to communism, why are we publishing an article in this issue that is sympathetic to it? Well, for one thing, you should not assume that America’s editorial position on communism has changed very much. It has not. What has also not changed is our willingness to hear views with which we may disagree but that we nonetheless think are worth hearing. And we could not have picked a better author for such an article.”

(Paul Bios – Daily Signal)   The Jesuit publication “America Magazine” has officially lost its unholy mind. Despite the fact that the Catholic Church has condemned both communism and socialism as unviable economic systems that violate natural law by depriving individuals of their labor’s fruits, the magazine still had the audacity to publish “The Catholic Case for Communism” by Dean Dettloff. Continue reading

Where Did Family Come From?

“It’s almost impossible to over-emphasize the difference this makes. Why? Because if we created it, we define it and we are accountable only to ourselves. But if God created it, he defines it and we are accountable to him.”

(Tim Challies)  We are at an interesting and perhaps unprecedented time in history when our understanding of family is being confronted and our definition of family is being rewritten. The social norms of Western society and the laws of Canada are changing fast…. Continue reading