The Curse of Liberalism

“The issue before us is clear: we face the deadly flowering of the curse of liberalism in the PCA. If the denomination continues on this trajectory within a few decades we will not be recognizable as a Reformed and Evangelical expression of Christ’s church. This is no time for timidity but, rather, for Luther-like boldness. We are battling for the very soul of our denomination.  We must call upon our denomination to manifest the marks of the church in her courts.”

(David B. McWilliams – The Aquila Report)  In 1988, stalwart Baptist leader W. A. Criswell addressed the Southern Baptist Convention on the theme: “The Curse of Liberalism.” The curse of liberalism is also what the Presbyterian Church in America now faces….

Presently, the virgin birth and bodily resurrection of Jesus are not denied. Nonetheless, the two fundamental characteristics of liberalism are apparent in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). What are the two characteristics that define liberal epistemology? First, the subjective becomes authoritative over the Bible. Second, culture drives the church’s agenda.

When TE Greg Johnson spoke at the PCA 2019 General Assembly to rousing applause, both of those liberal, epistemological commitments manifested themselves. The cultural agenda was apparent.  And, despite the fact that the Bible is clear about homosexuality, Johnson’s emotional autobiographical tale placed his subjective experience over biblical authority.  View article →


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