Satan’s Strategies for Temptation

At The Crossroads by Hugo Simberg

“We live in a day where the Word of God is abused, unheeded, twisted, unread, unlearned, not cherished, not prized, not studied, not properly preached, dismissed, set aside, not trusted, and doubted. And I’m not talking about the world right now. I’m talking about people who profess to be Christians and even entire denominations claiming to be Christian.”

(Alan Nelson IV – Things Above)  Genesis 3 is a horrific chapter in terms of the fall of humanity. What takes place in Genesis 3 is out-and-out rebellion against a and holy God, a God who had provided a very good environment, a luscious landscape, clear flowing rivers, and offered His very presence and blessing.

Yet, Genesis 3 is also a very helpful chapter in the sense that it shows us some things about Satan’s strategies for tempting Adam and Eve to sin. I would argue that his wicked tactics haven’t changed. What worked the first time, continues to work upon the sons of Adam, and so he continues to employ these devices. And as we walk through this I hope it will help us in diagnosing and overcoming our own temptations to sin.

I’m going to give these strategies in the order we see them in the text of Genesis 3:1–5, and I think generally this is the order Satan uses, but sometimes they might be in a different order or even overlap. View article →


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