‘Progressive Christian’ Children’s Book to Offer a Different Picture of Creation

“We must teach our children, starting in Genesis. Teach them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the very image of God. Teach them about God’s original “very good” creation. Instruct them that mankind’s sin broke God’s creation and brought death and suffering into it. Teach them that we needed someone to pay the penalty for our sin, and that’s why Jesus stepped into history as the God-man…”

(Ken Ham – Answers In Genesis)  What’s on your child’s bookshelf? The books we read to our children can have a huge impact in shaping their views, beliefs, and theology….

And for so-called “progressive Christians,” this can be a problem because many children’s books written by Christians are, as they put it, “skewed conservative” (in other words, biblical)—and they don’t want to read them to their children. So they are writing their own, as an article in Religion News Service states, in which several children’s authors were interviewed.

But I want to focus on statements made by just one of these authors. “Progressive Christian” and author Matthew Paul Turner shares that he often had to change the wording in Christian children’s book because he either didn’t believe what the book was teaching or didn’t think his children were old enough to grapple with the concept yet. This caused him to write his own children’s books. It’s clear from the interview that he doesn’t share with his children concepts like sin (which means he cannot explain the gospel to them either!). Turner makes this statement… View article →


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