Pawns for Godless Climate Extremism

“Am I suggesting mankind has absolutely no impact on the planet? No. Am I saying it’s impossible for humans to harm or improve the earth? Nope. But we need to look to God as the source of truth, keep things in perspective, do what we can responsibly, and stop obsessing over what we cannot control.”

(David Fiorazo) Greta Thunberg was the answer to one of the clues on Jeopardy last night. Up to this point, I’ve tried ignoring the teenage climate activist from Sweden – but Jeopardy? She has arrived!

It appears young Greta does seem to care about the planet, and is most likely sincere in the beliefs fed to her by her parents. But some would say it’s wrong for adults to exploit children to promote their progressive agenda. And this is about money and controlling people’s lives.

Are we really in the midst of an ecological crisis, an environmental emergency, a climate catastrophe that could bring an end to people groups and the world? That’s what they’re selling. Are pesky human beings destroying Gaia, the so-called ancestral mother of all life?

That’s right, confess your sins to Mother Earth. Progressive activism and ideology has practically succeeded in turning climate science and environmentalism into a religion. Or perhaps more accurate: a cult.

So, is Greta Thunberg right or is she being used as a pawn? Something in-between?  View article →