Relavant Magazine’s shameless defense of Buttigieg

The headline, fittingly sharing the front page with other no-doubt theologically rich fare as “Jamie Foxx on Why the Church Should Be More Loving, Inclusive, and Unifying,” and “God ‘Making All Things New’ Doesn’t Mean Christians Can Ignore the Environment,” screamed, “Yes, Jesus Was a Refugee. He Still Is.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn) There’s a famous Babylon Bee headline that satirically reads, “Man Bravely Abandons Unpopular Christian Belief to Affirm Extremely Popular Cultural Belief.” I can’t help but think the writer of that headline must have just finished reading the latest offering from the online Christian publication, “RELEVANT Magazine,” given their increasing propensity to publish stories heavy on culture, light on biblical truth.

The most recent example for this outlet that claims to be targeting “Christian twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings” came the day after Christmas when they waded into the mind-numbingly pedantic and intentionally distracting “debate” over the “refugee” status of the baby Jesus.

The best I could tell in reading Tyler Huckabee’s piece, Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg had unsurprisingly gone back to the well of hijacking Christianity in an effort to advance his political agenda, incurred the wrath of Bible-believing Christians for that offense, and so naturally, ever the “forward-thinkers” petrified that anyone might mistake them for un-hip conservatives, RELEVANT felt the need to come to Mayor Pete’s defense. View article →


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