‘If I ever meet him I’ll probably sock him in the face’ said Jen Wilkin, Redefining Rahab

The reason Rahab has ‘come down to us in history’ as a prostitute is because God in His wisdom inspired the writer to write it that way. It is a fact. She was a prostitute. That was her profession. Lydia was a dyer of purple, Moses was a shepherd. Rahab was a prostitute. It’s a plain fact, but Wilkin spends a good deal of time in her lesson on this topic, as we will see.

(EIizabeth Prata – The End Time) I wrote a 3-part series on Mrs Wilkin, looking at her overall ministry hereherehere. It got long, so I promised to follow up with some specifics from her Rahab teaching lesson. This is that series.

The Rahab lesson

Mrs Wilkin teaches expositionally through books. This is good. She has taught through Joshua recently and also in 2014. In the section concerning Rahab, Wilkin preached a gender message. I am sad to report this. I was fairly shocked with Wilkin’s attitude through this lesson, which was angry, unethical, and improper for a woman of her maturity and standing. Let’s take a closer look.

Full lesson from 2014

LifeWay Women 4-min clip from 2018 titled “Redefining Rahab”.

A pertinent part of the 2018 talk is transcribed for you here. Wilkin said much the same things in her 2014 podbay lesson and the June 2018 Lifeway talk. One difference is that in the 2014 talk Wilkin said the names of the commenters with whom she disagreed. But in both talks Wilkin twisted the exposition to meet her own agenda, which was to elevate and redefine Rahab’s reputation away from the biblical characterization, downplay her prostitution as a sin, add a mythical backstory, and tarnish the men who dared to speak of her in a way Wilkin didn’t like.

Jen opens her lesson this way-  View article →