The Gospel Is The Power Of God For Salvation Conforming the Hearts of Believers To Christ

The operative pattern for the Christian is to understand that corruption still exists but that we are now united to Christ. We have died with Christ and risen again in new life. The flesh still operates and entices us but we need to be on-guard and hate it. We need to be killing it. It is ever with us. The world, the flesh, and the devil. These are the enemies of God.

(PCA Ruling Elder – The Aquila Report)  I forgot to share this a couple of weeks ago but the Nate Collins tweet reminded me of this podcast episode.…/Unbelievable-God-Ga…

IT’s a “Side A” vs “Side B” debate. What is consistent between them both is their status as “gay people”.

I really want to stress and underline this point. While I am happy to hear about people resisting the urge to sin by profaning marriage or engaging in unnatural activity, it is incredibly sad that the therapeutic has convinced us that our desires define us.

When Nate Collins or Greg Johnson (or this person) talk about their status they speak as if it is integral to who they are. Call it identity if you like but the point is that the desire itself has been elevated to an integral part of what defines them.  View article →



Homosexual Agenda