More ‘The Bible Project’ concerns: Enneagram, Lectio Divina

“The authors, trainers and teachers [of the Enneagram] are clear it is not a personality profile but 9 individual paths back to your “True self,” the self you actually are which never sinned and is with God already and was never separated from God. There is nothing in this which is Christian but is opposed to the essential doctrine of the Christian Faith.” 

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire)  Through the work of Pastors Gabe Hughes and Richard Sweatman we learned of disturbing flaws in the teaching of Tim Mackie of The Bible Project. Mackie rejects the biblical understanding of the Atonement (propitiation) and of hell.

As it turns out, there are further areas of concern. One of these was discovered by Pastor Don Veinot, one of the authors of Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret, a book I am now reading and will review.

In their newsletter, Don and Joy Veinot write:

As we have been looking through the new recruits to the Enneagram we find that [The Bible Project co-creators] Tim Mackie and Jon Collins have both embraced the Enneagram and appeared on Ian Cron’s “Typology” podcast, titled, “The Bible Project, feat. Tim Mackie and Jon Collins (Enneagram 5) [S02-005]”  View article →


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