Good, Not Safe

And, here in Revelation, we learn that we will join Christ in opposing disobedience. And this is serious opposition, isn’t it? Ruling with a rod of iron. Shattering his enemies like clay pots. The Lord takes dealing with disobedience seriously. And this should get our attention. He takes obedience seriously. He rewards obedience. But He takes disobedience equally seriously. He responds with judgment. 

(Brent Niedergall)  Towards the beginning of the book of Revelation, there are these seven letters written to seven churches. Seven letters to seven actual churches from John’s day….

And one of these churches John writes to is the church of Thyatira. And he says there’s a lot of good stuff going on there. They have love, faithfulness, service, endurance—all kinds of good stuff a church is supposed to have. They have their problems too though.

Some people there are tolerating false teaching and immorality. That’s not good. And there’s a strong threat against them because of their evil. God is going to deal with them if they don’t repent. God’s response to disobedience is cursing.  God’s Word affirms this again and again.  And what’s God’s response to obedience? Blessing. God’s Word affirms this again and again. And there’s a major promise of blessing to match the major threat of cursing in this letter to the church of Thyatira. There’s a promise of blessing for the faithful who would stand firm and oppose the wickedness going on in their midst.  View article →


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