Greear and Keller Join New Movement to Support ‘Democrat Christians’

“Regarding this, Christianity Today editor, Timothy Dalrymple said, “Whatever policies or parties we support, we should all begin from shared commitments on why we engage in public life and how we do so in a manner that reflects the character of Christ.” … Christ would beat Democrats within an inch of their life with a horse whip (if not tie a millstone around their neck and dump them in deep water) for supporting the wholesale slaughter of the unborn.”

(Protestia) It’s no secret that Christianity Today – the publication started by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association – is working hard to get Joe Biden elected. They published an Op-Ed by then editor, Mark Gali, calling for Trump’s impeachment last year. Galli has since left evangelicalism altogether, joining the Catholic Church because they have “five minute” sermons.

Christianity Today’s editorial staff is notoriously liberal, featuring regulalry the “wokest” of writers including Ed Stetzer of Wheaton College and Karen Swallow Prior of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Two things are for certain; first, Christianity Today writers hate Donald Trump with the burning hatred of a thousand fiery suns, and secondly, they’re trying as hard as possible to “create space” for a new kind of Christian orthodoxy that makes room for God-hating pagans, baby butcherers, thieves, racial agitators, feminists, and Marxists known as DemocratsView article →


Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”

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