‘Doing the Stuff:’ An Encounter with John Wimber

“Wimber at one time had been a pastor of a Calvary Chapel in Yorba Linda, California, but Calvary founder Chuck Smith had to disassociate with Wimber over disputes between allowing the Bible or experience to be the center of attention for the church.  Wimber caused a split in the church when he left and took many people with him.”

(Jackie Alnor – The Christian Sentinel)  Over thirty years ago I watched the late John Wimber in action at a conference attended by people from the mainline denominations including Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, and Baptists, along with Roman Catholics….

He was the keynote speaker that was invited to bring more insights into how the attendees could get in on the charismatic renewal of the day.  He didn’t disappoint.  It was the first time I had ever witnessed a convergence of Christianese with demonic paranormal manifestations.  The Shrine Auditorium where it was held was filled to overflowing with laity and clergy, the latter decked out in a variety of clerical robes and religious accessories — a kaleidoscope of colors and pomp.  The backdrop of the Shrine’s Babylonian décor — gargoyles and all — added to the foreboding atmosphere.

I wrote a letter to TV preacher James Robison whose ministry I supported at the time.  I did not receive a response even though I handed my letter directly to him at a fund-raising dinner I attended for his ministry.  The reason I wrote him is because he had been a guest speaker at the Anaheim Vineyard and I wanted to warn him about a dangerous association.  I wrote in part:  View article →




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