Justin Peters Ministries Asks Whether or Not Beth Moore is Demon-Possessed

“Unbeknownst to me, He’s been writing each chapter on my heart for several years. When the message for this book was complete (in His estimation — not mine!), God compelled me to ink it on paper with a force of the Holy Spirit unparalleled in my experience. He whisked me to the mountains of Wyoming where I entered solitary confinement with Him, and in only a few short weeks, I wrote the last line.”

(Protestia) Justin Peters Ministries, which has been critical of Beth Moore in the past, took an even firmer stance against the Belle of the Southern Baptist Ball by posting an article on their Facebook page and asking the question whether or not Moore is demonically possessed.

The ministry, which is one of the finest ones we could recommend, typically focuses on bringing the power and might of the scripture to bear on NAR and Word of Faith wolves and wolfettes. They do occasionally branch out, however, and have thrown a few discernment nuggets her way, but never anything quite this explicit.  View article →


Beth Moore

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