Hillsong Investigating Carl Lentz’s Sexual transgressions: The fruit of false doctrine

“But oh, for the believers behind the scenes who know the sin that is going on in the background, it is just so devastating. And every time another pastor is found out, especially one who used his power and the people at the top to protect him, it is like living through it again.”

(Churchwatch Central)  It’s long been reported about the fruit of false doctrine here at Church Watch Central  in particular, the many scandals coming out of Hillsong. Roxanne Stone from ‘The Roys Report’ brings the latest update on the ongoing Carl Lentz ‘affair’. Roxanne states:

“Brian Houston, global senior pastor of the international Hillsong Church,  announced today that an independent investigator will review the “inner workings” of Hillsong’s New York City branch after the firing of its lead pastor, Carl Lentz, on Nov. 4.”

It’s interesting to note the comments attached to articles like this, where we often find where the truth really lies:  View article →


Disgraced pastor Carl Lentz 

Hillsong Church

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