Christian Research Group: US ‘Moving Toward Elimination of Biblical Worldview as Cornerstone of Society’

Romans contains the most systematic presentation of Church doctrine in Scripture.

“Churches must help parents to develop the tools required to instill biblical thinking and behavioral choices in the minds and hearts of their children.  Adults need to recognize their ability to influence others by modeling what Jesus called for in His disciples: consistently obeying His teaching, loving each other, and producing spiritual fruit in every way possible.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  Dr. George Barna and the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University are urging churches to step up to the plate and work to “rebuild the biblical worldview” in America as the country is in the midst of a battle that transcends politics but is rather rooted in the spiritual realm.

“Most Americans are oblivious to this, the real civil war ravaging America,” Barna said in a statement. “Our nation is steadily moving toward the elimination of the biblical worldview as the cornerstone of our society.”

Barna made the comments as the conclusion to the Cultural Research Center’s “American Worldview Inventory” study, which uncovered numerous concerns this year both regarding the general spiritual state of the nation and the beliefs of those who profess to be Christians.

As previously reported, the Center’s 11-part study found that 69% of those surveyed believe that man is “basically good.” Those who identified as Christian did not fair much better, as 70% of Evangelicals and Pentecostals, and 75% of mainline Protestants, agreed with the sentiment.

The Bible contrarily teaches that all men are born with a sin nature, are intrinsically depraved, and are in need of the Savior to save them from themselves. View article →


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