‘Lethal’ critical race theory judges skin color rather than character

“Woodson condemned academics who allowed the concepts of critical race theory to percolate through on-campus debates but are now banning dissenters who reject the theory’s central tenets.” 

(Carrie Sheffield – Just the News)  Critical race theory is “lethal” to society because it defines people by their race rather than the content of their character, according to African-American conservative activist Bob Woodson.

Critical race theory holds that American society is pervaded by institutional racism rooted in “white privilege” and “white supremacy” that marginalizes people of color, whether consciously or not.

“Well, it’s the new racism, and it’s more lethal than the old racism,” Wodson told “Just the News AM program” on Wednesday. “In other words, there used to be an exotic discussion among academics on campuses. Now that has leaked into the mainstream society, and it’s being now the defining issue, that we should look at each other not by the content of our character, but the color [of our] skin or our gender.”  View article →


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