Ravi Zacharias Ministries Branch in UK Calls on U.S. Board to ‘Reform Radically’ for Betraying and Misleading the Public

The U.K. Board also acknowledged that the situation has been difficult for staff and “some are concerned that their credibility is being affected and their own reputations are being damaged by events that are outside their control.”

(Julie Roys – Roys Report)  The board of  Zacharias Trust—the U.K. branch of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)—is calling on RZIM’s U.S. board to “reform radically the governance, leadership and accountability of the RZIM organization globally.” The U.K. Board also says the alleged victims of RZIM founder, Ravi Zacharias, deserve a “profound apology.”

In a portion of a letter to the U.S. Board, which the U.K. Board posted to the Zacharias Trust website, the U.K. Board stated that the global ministry of RZIM “has been damaged” by “the historic and current issues which have been raised in recent weeks.”

These include allegations by RZIM speakers and managers that the U.S. board “betrayed” and “misled” its employees and the public by covering up the wrongdoing of Ravi Zacharias.  View article →

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