Birds of a Feather: Karen Swallow Prior Defends Beth Moore, Slanders the Church

“False teachers like Beth Moore and Karen Swallow Prior for too long have ignored the Word of God’s clear proclamations regarding men and women in the church (and by extension the family), and have led the Southern Baptist Convention downhill to the point where the denomination may not be salvageable.”

(Protestia)  In an op-ed published at Religion News Service, SEBTS professor, notorious functional egalitarian, Karen Swallow Prior, blamed the Southern Baptist Convention (her denomination) for “leaving women to fend for themselves” and basically forcing Beth Moore to leave rather than see Moore’s ministerial ambitions stifled.

If this was true, it would be high praise for a denomination that in reality had slid into functional egalitarianism.

Prior goes on to describe how much she related to Beth Moore despite how Prior (wisely) avoided institutional women’s ministry like the plague while Beth Moore was its figurehead. Prior turns her guns on Beth Moore’s “vitriolic” critics (you know, the biblically-literate Christians who remain in SBC pews), describing us as being more focused on Moore’s “mannerisms, her hair, her very femininity” and “[binding] the feet of women” by “banishing women to the drawing room” while we had our “table talk and cigars.” It’s the patriarchy, of course.  View article →


Beth Moore

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