God Detests the Worship of the Wicked

When you see people on their knees praying to Allah, on their knees praying the Hail Mary, or on their knees doing any religious ritual, your first thought shouldn’t be “man, I wish I took my religion as seriously as they do” it should be, “man, what a tragic waste of time! God despises what they are doing, I hope I can tell them about Christ”.

(Jordan Standridge – The Cripplegate)  One of the most difficult truths for people to believe is that God rejects worship.

Billions of people on earth pray, fast, beat their bodies, cry real tears and yet God rejects all of it.

I know it sounds harsh to our sin-minimizing ears but it is such an important truth for us to grasp.

He doesn’t “appreciate the effort”.

He doesn’t give half-credit.

He doesn’t say try again you’re so close.

He utterly rejects it. In fact, He despises it.

From the beginning of the world God has rejected people’s worship.

He rejected the first attempt to worship Him.

Recently as I listened to a great message on Able’s faith in Hebrews 11, I was reminded about this very truth. God rejected Cain’s act of worship. (Gen. 4:5View article →


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