Pitiful Pride

“Watching some of the news reports on various Pride marches with all of their infantile celebrations of sexuality, I could not help but recall the closing line of Algernon Swinburne’s “Hymn to Man”: “Glory to Man in the highest! For Man is the master of things!” And what glory has that mastery brought in its wake? The death of shame, Drag Queen Story Hour, and Presbyterian ministers who think involvement in commercialized gay carnivals is somehow courageous and edgy.”

(Carl Trueman – First Things)  It is doubtful that there is anyone in the United States who is unaware that June is Pride month. Saturday morning saw the self-indulgent antics of Pride marchers, and if you are on the email list of almost any corporate entity, you will have had the triumphant celebration of the LGBTQ+ community trumpeted in your inbox….

Corporate America isn’t the only institution selling out. Once again, the P.C.U.S.A. is here to remind us that the perennially superannuated pieties of liberal Protestantism are incapable of discerning the commercialization of the counter-culture and the trivialization of political protest. China may be engaging in genocide, have a network of gulags holding three million people, and be actively reinstating the playbook described so graphically by Solzhentisyn—imprisonment for thought crimes, state-sanctioned gang rapes of prisoners, etc.—but the P.C.U.S.A. knows where the real human rights issues are: the use of pronouns, inclusive bathroom policies, and dismantling women’s sports. View article →


LGBTQ+ Agenda 

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