The Spiritual Damage Caused By the Rebellion of Women Preachers in the Church

“Is damage being done by the promotion of female preachers? Yes. Historically, women preachers have tended to stress the sensate and the mystical over and above rational, sound doctrine. In other words, the trend among them has been to emphasize spiritual experience over dogmatic and exegetical theology. And, with this trend has come the suggestion — either tacitly or directly — that spiritual experience itself is self-authenticating, and ought not to be challenged or disbelieved.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Man’s natural wisdom is perpetually pitted against the wisdom of Almighty God. And, this opposition to God’s wisdom is most commonly disguised as pragmatism. In fact, numerous heresies frequently began as ‘pragmatic’ decisions….

But, pragmatism is seldom static, it inevitably, however slowly, creeps in the direction of man-centeredness — losing along the way the overarching goal of exalting God and His sovereign and infallible ways. The 20th Century has certainly witnessed this drift away from theo-centricity in the spread of Arminianism and its resultant marketing of the church.

Now, of late, in its continued tangle with social justice issues, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is faced with yet another pragmatic decision. Should Beth Moore’s prolific ministry be validated and defended in the interest of popularity, profit, and peace? Permit this author to express the question in a more generic manner, without using proper names or denominations: View article →


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